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Organizational Development & Program Evaluation

·         GERI delivered strategic planning technical assistance to and facilitated the Board of Directors and staff strategic planning meeting for the national Healthy Schools Network.  Services included analysis, survey development, interviews, preparation of strategic planning and assessment documents and consensus process to prioritize activities concerning membership development, programs and evaluation, a five-year plan and coalition building.

·        GERI assessed the Northeast Environmental Justice Network (NEJN), a regional membership organization encompassing twelve states.  As an ingredient of NEJN strategic planning, GERI prepared an evaluation on the growth and development of the organization, its membership and staffing (including communities and Tribal organizations), administration, communications, collaborative approaches to public policy development, base-building, fundraising and capacity building needs.


·      GERI assessed the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ), a university-community partnership that works in the Deep South states and South Africa.  As an ingredient of DSCEJ strategic planning, GERI evaluated the ten-year growth and development of the organization, programs, membership and staffing, administration, communications, collaborative approaches to public policy development, base building, fundraising and capacity building needs.


·      GERI evaluated the Environmental Defense Scorecard website assessing the environmental equity data and analysis for accuracy, qualitative and demographic data analysis, and sensitivity of materials and information.


·      GERI provided strategic planning and facilitation services to the national coalition of institutions, academics, legal, public interest and grassroots organizations comprising the international network, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA).  GERI designed the membership survey of strengths and needs and meeting agendas to maximize the network’s organizational goals, evaluate accomplishments and needs, and identify new directions and areas for improvement.  Qualitative analysis included select interviews with the Board of Directors and key coalition members.  GERI advised the ANA strategic planning process, facilitated the membership meeting and drafted the strategic planning report.


·      GERI managed the Ford Foundation’s commission of authors and papers on organizational and leadership development in the environmental justice field.  GERI managed the commission of papers and interdisciplinary authors on selected topics relevant to organizational and leadership development including edits, executing and administering contracts, and honoraria.  GERI prepared the final report on the 2004 initiative.



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