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         GERI subcontract to not-for-profit Sustainable Community Development Group, Inc.  GERI supports the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and the Poverty Race and Research Action Council in planning and implementing the New Orleans Area Health Disparities Initiative (NOHDI).  GERI managed the multi-stakeholder planning committee and the consensus planning process, including recruitment, communications, New Orleans planning meetings, facilitation, and meeting logistics.  GERI is directing NOHDI conference planning for the June 2006 New Orleans conference including invitations, speakers, participants, outreach, facilitation, materials, conference logistics and proceedings.

         GERI delivered strategic planning technical assistance to and facilitated the Board of Directors and staff strategic planning meeting for the national Healthy Schools Network.  Services included analysis, survey development, interviews, preparation of strategic planning and assessment documents and consensus process to prioritize activities concerning membership development, programs and evaluation, a five-year plan and coalition building.

         GERI designed and facilitated the consensus process for Summit 2010 for the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning in Baltimore, MD.  Summit 2010, December 5-10, 2005, convened elected officials, governmental officials, policymakers, leading nonprofit organizations and legal groups, communities, faith-based organizations, landlords, developers and technical experts on lead poisoning and abatement.  GERIís team delivered a Summit that engaged public and private sector multi-stakeholders in a consensus building process on state-wide priorities and action plans in the State of Maryland including financing, liability, environmental and health issues, and capacity building to enhance services delivery in circumstances involving lead contamination.

         GERI managed the Ford Foundationís commission of authors and papers and provided technical assistance on organizational and leadership development in the environmental justice field.  GERI managed the commission of papers and interdisciplinary authors on selected topics relevant to organizational and leadership development directed editing, executed and administered contracts, and paid honoraria.

        GERI advised the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) on chartering a statewide, multi-stakeholder Community Involvement Advisory Committee to provide direction on integrating communities and Tribes into decision-making on environmental policy, regulatory and enforcement priorities.  GERI supported DNRECís eighteen-month strategic planning effort and the Committee, developed the Committee report on research, policy and activities, and facilitated monthly Committee meetings in locations throughout the State.

        GERI provided expert facilitation to the Organic Trade Association on legislative strategies to promote organic in 2003 Congressional, U.S. Department of Agriculture and international policy initiatives.  The meeting involved Association staff and members including manufacturers, processors, supermarkets, dairies, large and small-scale farms, and advocacy organizations.

        GERI teamed to develop and design two national DOE stakeholder public participation workshops on inter-site transportation and disposal of nuclear materials and waste policies.  GERI conducted national outreach to promote policy involvement by community groups, Tribes and grassroots organizations and facilitated workshops.

      GERI provided technical assistance and analytical support to advance strategic public policy partnerships between civil rights groups, environmental and environmental justice organizations and Native American communities.  Collaborating with the George Washington University Center on Sustainability & Regional Growth, GERI facilitated key organizations in organizing a working framework that supports collective legal and policy initiatives, litigation and advocacy including Title VI.  GERI prepared the 2002 national consensus policy strategy.


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